The Company

We have been specializing in the sale of selected BMW cars since 1999, initially on the still common BMW M and Alpina models and of course the higher-powered BMW models, later also other premium manufacturers such as Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz / AMG and Jaguar models, everything that is fun and rare.

Now that the prices for collector's cars are increasing steadily and there are hardly any reasonable and affordable offers available, we have specialized in the maintenance of these cars, everything that has to do with the care, maintenance, repair and overhaul. On our website, you can get a glimpse of cars previously sold by us if you go to the model history. You can see which models we prefer to work on under Service.

To get an impression of our work, take a look at our YouTube page, where you can also see repair instructions and even the rebuilding of engines such as the M3 S65 V8 and if necessary rebuild your engine yourself using these instructions, but of course we would be happy to do this for you.

Current Offers

520d Limousine
520d Limousine
530d Touring Luxury Line

Model History

Here you have an overview of many models of different manufacturers. All pictures were taken of cars that were sold by us. To see pictures and further information, please click here.